Launch your signature e-course, workshop, or in-person class in just six weeks.

(Without creating a class full of copycats.)

Do/Teach is a six week e-course designed to lead you through the process of developing a creative e-course, workshop, or in-person course. You’ll develop a class based on your unique skills, talents, aesthetic, or vision that doesn’t just teach people how to rip you off. (After all, you want to protect your confidential processes.)

Adding a signature e-course or workshop into your business mix can bring in the cash you need to grow your creative business, boost your profit margin, make it through slow months in your business, or quit your day job. Plus, having a signature e-course can help you grow your brand, create raving fans, boost sales of your core art or product, and energize your own studio practice.

You’ve seen other people make big bucks by running an e-course or regular workshops, and you’d love to bring some of that money into your business. But you’re worried that…

  • You won’t be able to come up with a topic that people are interested in.
  • You’re not enough of an “expert” to teach a class.
  • People won’t take you seriously as a teacher.
  • You don’t know enough about web design or video to run a course online.
  • You’ll spend time developing a course and no one will sign up.
  • There are so many other classes out there, how will yours stand out?

Plus, you make money selling your products, so you don’t want to just teach people to copy you.

You want to create a a class that supports your brand but doesn’t compete with it.

In Do/Teach, you’ll develop a signature e-course, workshop, or in-person class that you can run, refine, and run again and again.

There are other programs online that teach you how to teach. But what sets this program apart is it’s emphasis on teaching skills – art, craft, design, and other creative skills.

As a member of Do/Teach, you’ll…

  • develop a signature topic for your class.
  • identify and target the ideal students for your class.
  • create projects and assignments that get your students excited while helping them learn new creative skills.
  • build confidence in your own teaching personality.
  • learn to structure hands-on and technical demos in a way that’s easy for students to understand.
  • learn the nuts and bolts of teaching skills and techniques online.
  • find the ideal price for your course.
  • develop a strategy to market and sell your course.

You’re passionate about your art, craft, skill, or technique. Do/Teach will show you how to profitably share that passion with others without compromising your current business.

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Praise for Do/Teach:

es_pink_sm Before taking this class, I felt relatively comfortable about teaching in person; however, I was paralyzed with fear about teaching and creating an online course, having never done it before. Megan’s deep involvement with her students and content-packed material has me well assured that I will be able to launch my first — and awesome — course on deadline!

-Esmé Weijun Wang | Rawness of Remembering

About Your Teacher:

I’m Megan Auman, artist, designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur. I’m passionate about art, design, and business, both as a maker (running my eponymous jewelry line) and a teacher (teaching at art, design, and business at colleges and universities and through my website, Designing an MBA).

I created Do/Teach because I’ve seen firsthand the power that teaching has to energize your own creative practice, create raving fans, and since we’re being honest, bring in a lot of money. (When you know how to approach your teaching as a business, that is.) But I also created Do/Teach because I know how overwhelming it can be to develop a class and teach skill, technique, design, and creativity to others, especially without a knowledgable guide to show the way.

As a member of Do/Teach, you’ll receive:

  • Six weeks of lessons, including audio, video, text, worksheets, and exercises designed to guide you through every step of developing and launching your class.
  • Access to private course website to view and download all the lessons.
  • Four group coaching calls with Megan to answer your questions and help you develop the best class possible.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at Megan’s process as she shows you how she’s developing her own studio-based e-course.
  • Membership in a private Facebook group so you can connect with your fellow Do/Teach participants.
  • The support and guidance you need to develop, launch, and sell your signature e-course, workshop, or in-person class by the end of the program.
  • An additional six months of support on the course site and Facebook group to help you as you run your first class.

Do/Teach is a six week program that kicks off on Monday, March 3, 2014. Each week of Do/Teach will bring you one step closer to launching your own class. (Please note that the schedule may change slightly during the class to accommodate your needs!)

Week 1: Course Overview + Your Future Students – In week one, we’ll get comfortable approaching teaching as a business. We’ll look at the different types of classes that are out there (both online and off) and get a feel for the market. Then, we’ll turn our attention to a critical aspect of developing your class – your future students. We’ll look at who takes creative classes and what motivates them to do so. You’ll learn to identify who you want to teach (and who you don’t) and get inside their heads so you can develop a course that’s perfect for them.

Week 2: Develop Your Signature Topic – In week two, you’ll develop a signature topic for your class. You’ll be guided to assess your skills, purpose, creative philosophy, and more to develop a class that feels like you without creating a class full of copy cats. You’ll determine what you want to teach (and what is off limits) and how to structure that topic to help your students develop their own creative voice.

Week 3: Design Your Course – In week three, you’ll determine the ideal structure for your course. You’ll break your topic down in detail to figure out where and when you’ll be delivering content and assignments. You’ll determine how much you can cover in a class, how to design and structure projects, how to handle supplies, what to charge for your course, and other course details. By the end of week three, you’ll have a solid outline for what your class will cover.

Week 4: Fill Those Seats – Week four is all about marketing your course. Once you’ve got the basics of your course fleshed out, it’s time to open registration. (Yes, even if you don’t have all the details hammered out.) We’ll look at writing a killer sales page, creating a launch strategy, building buzz, and marketing online and off. By the time week six is over, you’ll have a course that’s ready to launch!

Week 5: Find Your Teaching Style – Week five helps you determine how and what you’ll teach. We’ll cover finding your distinct teaching style while at the same time learning the tips and tricks that make you an effective teacher. You’ll also break down your class further and identify key lessons, assignments, and demos.

Week 6: Teach Online – Week six is all about teaching online and tackling the biggest online challenge – video! We’ll cover the basics off online course design and the nuts and bolts of creating video (even for the complete beginner). We’ll also cover a few more advanced video strategies for how to make your videos look professional (without a professional team). And you’ll get a behind the scenes look at all the tools I use to make my online courses run smoothly.

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Yes, please notify me when registration opens for the next session of Do/Teach!

Praise for Do/Teach:

L-Germain_IMG_3191-EditI launched yesterday, and I have only one space left in Make Monotypes. I capped the class at 50 students. Thanks for Do-Teach. I have made my investment back more than 15 fold. Doing the dance of joy! – Linda Germain | Printmaking Without a Press


When does the class start? The next session will run in 2015. Join the email list to be notified when registration opens. You’ll be able to download all content and access the course site for six months after the program finishes.

Who is this course for? This course is for anyone with a skill, talent, passion, technique, or creative practice to share. I’ve designed the course specifically for artists, designers, makers, and other creatives, but anyone with a skill to teach or a desire to develop a signature e-course will benefit from the class.

Does the course meet at a certain time? Does it matter what part of the world I’m in? Do/Teach is a virtual course, and you can participate from anywhere at anytime! Lessons will be posted online each day Monday through Friday, and you can log into the course at any time to view them.

How much time can I expect to spend on the course? You’ll get new content on the course site each day from Monday through Friday. You can expect to spend anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes reviewing the content and completing the exercises and work for the class each day, depending on the length of the lesson. Some people may work through the content more quickly, and others may want to spend more time. All the content will help you develop your own signature course and have it ready to launch by the end of Do/Teach.

How long will I have access to the course materials? All material on the course site will be available for six months following the end of the course. All materials will also be available to download so you can access them forever!

How are payments handled? Payment is securely processed via PayPal and can be made using your PayPal balance or credit card. Please note that all course correspondence will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. To use a different email address, please forward your PayPal invoice to

What happens after I register for the course? You’ll receive an email from me shortly to get you started. If you haven’t received an email by Saturday, July 20, forward your PayPal invoice to megan(at)craftmba(dot)com

Other questions? Email

Ready to get started?

Sign up to be notified when the next session of Do/Teach starts!

Yes, please notify me when registration opens for the next session of Do/Teach!

Praise for Do/Teach:

tara-in-studio-1024x755Before Do/Teach I had very vague ideas about creating an ecourse or an in person class, and a huge amount of fears around whether I could do it and actually create something of real value. I didn’t know anything about creating, launching or running an ecourse, and have always found the business side of things very daunting, but was drawn by the creative angle of the course. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Do/Teach has changed everything. Megan’s clear teaching style, her level of engagement and practical, actionable feedback, along with the benefits of a classroom environment, have taken me from doubtful and overwhelmed to excited and astonished at how my course is taking shape, step by step. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned {and there are many!}, is how to use social media and other internet platforms to gather and share information in a way that really works!

- Tara Leaver | Creative Spark e-course